Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Snow day work

I love that schools care so much about the children and their workers that they call school off with snow storms. I have enjoyed not venturing out into the snow today. I am a bit bothered that Wayne has to. I will be worried when he leaves work until he gets home. 

For now though it has been a carefree day. Well after all the housework was done it was. Both my boys are home safe. We are all nice and warm with the pellet stove going. 

I have been sitting in my work space finishing up a couple orders. I think I may even have time to make a few new things. I just got done watching "The Princess Bride" I love that movie. I don't know what movie to put in next though. "Frozen" would seem appropriate right now 😉
I am such a multi tasker. Well off I go to work. 

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