Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Paracord Bracelets Made By My Son

My son Nathan has taken to making these paracord bracelets. He hopes to at some point sell enough to get more supplies and make them to order for people.

He has been going through  a lot in his young life. He is only 15 and last year lost a close and young relative. Not to mention nearly loosing his older brother. That was hard on all of us. This new hobby of his has given something for him to keep busy with. I have enjoyed watching him make them and selling them for him.

All the money made form selling these goes right back to him. After all he did all the work. They are very well made. He takes pride in how tightly he weaves them. They are not a very stiff bracelet even with the tight weave. They wear very nice. They are just better quality and more paracord in every bracelet because of his weaving style.

You can check them out on my shop here.

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