Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Packaging and my week

Packing up orders for Maryland, Texas and Australia right now. Then I will be working on getting my nails pretty again. I switched to doing my own Acrylic nails years ago. I do them for a while then get tired and go without them for a while. It is always interesting to work with them the first week they are on. Like learning to do things all over again. Tweezers have become my best friend when I have long nails.

Tomorrow meeting up with some friends. Friday going school shopping with the boys. Cutting it a little close. School starts next week. I go back on Monday and the boys go back on Wednesday. Where did the summer go?

I was hoping to play a little bit this week on a scrapbook page or two of my own. Well there is always tomorrow night. I think I need to take at least a day a week for me.

To my list of hobbies and things I do I have added coupon blogging. I do enjoy it. I just wonder how I can juggle it all. Some days very good at juggling. Other days not so much. But, I am human after all. There is no such thing as super woman. We shouldn't try to live up to being perfect. It creates so much stress.

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