Friday, June 18, 2010

I's been too long

I can't believe it has been so long since my last post. Wait a minute, yes I can. Life is just too busy to post every day. I have my family and they are my priority. I do get sucked into the Facebook games like Cafe World. Are there many that don't? Tell me if you are one of them so I don't feel so bad about getting taken in by them.

I am off for the summer now. I am working summer school but that is only in July for 4 weeks (16 hours per week). I will have a little more time to create some new pieces for my shop. I am planning on getting the clay out and doing a little more with that.

I also have my new little niece to visit. I plan on being able to see her a little more this summer. Howie is going to be 15 this August. My oldest is getting too old. Nathan I think will be doing a lot of fishing this summer. I hope to go camping with them for Howard's Birthday.

Here is a picture of my new niece Kenzie :)

This is baby Kenzie crying her little cry. It is so adorable how her bottom lip shakes :)

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terri said...

She is very precious Jackie! Thanks for sharing. I remember those sweet little cries in the hospital... and then we came home!! They were no longer quiet. Love that you caught that. Happy memories. And yes I get sucked into the vortex that is Facebook games. Right now working on only two but they seem to take so much of my time. Thinking they may be on the way out. I need some time this summer outside and away from the electronics. Hoping I can see you sometime this summer!! Miss you.