Saturday, February 27, 2010

Acting like a teenager

Sometimes it's fun to forget that you are a grownup. I am doing that with my love of Twilight. I am obsessed. Some of my friends tease me. It's all in fun. I find myself funny too. I have been collecting Twilight items. I plan to have a party the day Eclipse comes out. After the party me and any of my guests that want to will go to the midnight showing.

2 weeks ago I made a trip to I Party that had me laughing to myself all the way home. I felt like a teenager..LOL I called a friend on the way home to tell her I had Edward in the backseat. Yes I spent way too much on this life size cardboard cutout of Edward. It is taller than me. I can't wait to get party guests to pose with him for pictures... ;)

You have to do something totally silly once in a while. Try it, it is so much fun.

What is the silliest thing you have done that made you feel more like a kid again?

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Ann Marie said...

Hi Jackie!!

Isn't it fun to act like a teenager sometimes?

So glad that Cardboard Edward came home with you.. we have had LOADS of fun with him at our parties...

So fun that you are doing an Eclipse party.. I'm sure it will be great!

Your jewelry is DARLING.
I love MANY pieces.
I have to stay away from Etsy.. or we would seriously be bankrupt. :)

Thanks for following my blog and commenting. :) I always love to meet new friends!

Have a great week! :)