Saturday, July 25, 2009

Procrastination ....a blog giveaway

Do you ever find yourself putting things off. I do. I think I am lucky that I always seem to get them done before it's too late. Giving something away has been on my list of procrastinations.

Things to procrastinate about:

  1. changing laundry from washer to dryer
  2. folding laundry
  3. telling myself to get off the computer and get something done
  4. taking photos
  5. dishes
  6. cleaning my craft room
  7. exercising....that one never seems to get done :)

To win You need to tell me what you procrastinate about. Even if you never procrastinate tell me. I will pick a winner next Saturday August 1st. I will be giving away a domino magnet/ pin. Tell me if you would prefer a pin or magnet when you post to this. I might even throw in a surprise or two.

This is a real domino. Hand stamped and colored with special ink, and sealed with acrylic spray.

This is what the back looks like to prove that it is a domino. You can have a pin or magnet.

You can find more dominos and other things on my Etsy site Jacquelines Creations . I will be adding more domino things there soon.


Clare said...

I procrastinate about writing up knitting patterns. It's hard work, involves meticulous checking and taking extremely clear photos, none of which comes easily to me. See I'm procrastinating about it right now.

Krony1974 said...

I procrastinate about lots of things too. Mostly for me scrapbooking and major cleaning, like the outside of windows. For the scrapbooking I have a hard time just sitting down to do, but when I do, I'm at it for a long time.

Linda said...

This is my top five list of procrastinations (in descending order of loathsomeness):

1 - cleaning the bathroom
2 - weeding the garden
3 - emptying the dishwasher
4 - finishing a card swap
5 - working on a scrap page

Lisette said...

I'd love a pin :)

Oh gosh I am a HUGE procrastinator. I basically procrastinate about anything that has a deadline. I am dead serious. It's stupid but I never seem to learn my lesson.


SequoiaLynn said...

I am horrible about procrastinating when it comes to washing dishes.

Love your domino in the magnet form.

CraftyRia said...

I procrastinate about cleaning. Cleaning my craft room, cleaning the bird cage, cleaning in general.

I love the domino you made! Thanks for this great blog give away. I posted it on my message board: The Trafty Table (

CraftyRia said...

I forgot to mention that I'd like the domino as a magnet.

Martice said...

Hi there,

Thank you for your comment.

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