Monday, June 1, 2009

World Of Warcraft troubles

Well this weekend Nate had his account hacked and stolen. I had just started up automatic payments with Paypal too. I stopped the payments. Luckinly they didn't try to get more money out of it. His cousin saw his character online last night. He told the person to give the character back or he was going to report him. They gave it back. I have already changed the password for him. Hopefully it is a harder one to figure out.

Some people just don't care about others feelings. It amazes me when I see these things in the world. Whatever happened to do unto others. I think this person will end up having bad things happen to them if they stay on this path. Lots of times in life you get back what you have done to others. People should just be nice to each other. Is that asking too much these days?

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