Friday, June 27, 2008

My first post

Well here it is my first post on this blog thing. I don't even know if this will get viewed by anyone. I have been wanting to try it forever. We'll see if I even get time to keep up with it.

So, here is my first picture I am going to add. A picture of a card I have made.


Laurie said...

It is me, Laurie from SF...I like your blog page..I wish I knew how to begin one...Maybe you can give me a clue, LOL Good Luck in your crafty sales..

Jose said...

Welcome to blogland... I only started 3 weeks ago and am really surprised how many hits I have had, and from so many different countries, and some lovely messages.

Mrs. Pyska said...

Hey sis,
Great job on your first Blog page! I knew it would be good coming from such a crafty person such as yourself. :) Post some more of your gorgeous jewlery that you made. Hope you are feeling better.
Your favorite sis (hehe)